Using the Summary Panel - 2021.2 English

Xilinx Power Estimator User Guide (UG440)

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2021.2 English

The Summary panel presents in a concise format the main data of interest.

Figure 1. Summary Panel
Total On-Chip Power
Includes power consumed and dissipated by the device across all supply sources. Also referred to as thermal power. This cell follows the color scheme of the Junction Temperature cell described above.
Junction Temperature
Estimated junction temperature as the design operates. Each device operates within a temperature grade specified in the data sheet. The background for this cell turns orange when the value is outside the operating range (timing might be affected) and turns red when outside the absolute maximum temperature (device damage possible). The background color turns light blue when the value is set by user.
Thermal Margin
Temperature and power margin up to or in excess of the maximum accepted range for this device Grade. Thermal margin is negative when estimated junction temperature exceeds the maximum specified value. In this case, use this information to decide how best to address the excess power consumed on-chip. Refer 7 Series FPGAs Packaging and Pinout Product Specification (UG475) and UltraScale and UltraScale+ FPGAs Packaging and Pinouts Product Specification (UG575) for detailed information on thermal resistance.
Effective ΘJA
The calculated Effective Thermal Resistance (Effective JA) summarizes how heat is transferred from the die to the environment. The value is calculated from the settings entered in the Environment panel. If you have run thermal simulations of your environment then you can also override this value (in the Environment panel).