Using the Add HBM Wizard - 2021.2 English

Xilinx Power Estimator User Guide (UG440)

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2021.2 English
For Virtex UltraScale+ HBM devices, the Add HBM wizard allows you to enter HBM IP information in XPE. You can access the Add HBM wizard from the HBM sheet. Click the Add HBM button to start the Add HBM wizard. This wizard provides a simplified method of filling the configurations in the HBM sheet. To generate HBM using the XPE HBM Configuration wizard:
  1. Click Add HBM on the HBM sheet to open the XPE HBM Configuration wizard.
  2. On the XPE HBM Configuration wizard, fill out the information in the fields to configure the HBM design.

    The fields in the XPE HBM Configuration dialog box are:

    Data Rate
    Enter the Data Rate in Mb/s. The allowed range for this field is 100-1800 Mb/s.
    AXI Ports
    Enter the number of AXI channels that your design will use.
    Average Utilization
    This is the average activity on the bus. This value is intended to be the RMS (root mean square) over a longer period of time versus a worst case maximum number. This is not the expected efficiency of the bus.
    AXI Burst Length
    Select the AXI Burst Length from 32, 64, 128 or 256. This is the average burst length of your AXI traffic.
    Primary Use
    Select the Primary type of use of HBM
    Read and Write
    Read and Write is a use case where HBM is concurrently being read and written.
    Read is a use case where majority of time HBM is being read and the write power is insignificant.
    Write is use case where majority of time HBM is being written and read power is insignificant.
    AXI ID
    Select AXI ID Single or Multiple. While using Multiple AXI ID you can get better performance but data coming back will be out of order.
    Traffic Type
    Select Traffic type Linear or Random. This describes the address access pattern. Linear traffic will have a higher bandwidth and Random traffic will a lower bandwidth as the page miss will be higher.
    Address Range per Pseudo Channel Group
    Select Address range per group
    • OMOS 256 MB (1 Master, 1 Slave, accessing 256 MB)
    • FMFS 256 MB (4 Master, 4 Slave, accessing 1 GB)
    • SMSS 256 MB (16 Master, 16 Slave, accessing 4 GB)
    • TMTS 256 MB (32 Master, 32 Slave, accessing 8 GB)
  3. Click Create.

    The data on the HBM sheet is populated with the configuration information that you entered in the HBM wizard.