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After you have performed the previous steps, the following files are generated in the ${output_dir}.

Table 1. Generated File Information
Name TensorFlow Compatible Usage Description
quantize_train_graph.pb Yes Train The quantize train graph.
quantize_eval_graph_{suffix}.pb Yes Evaluation with checkpoint The quantize evaluation graph with quantize information frozen inside. This file has weights and should be used with the checkpoint file for evaluation.
quantize_eval_model_{suffix}.pb Yes
  • 1: Evaluation
  • 2: Dump
  • 3: Input to VAI compiler (DPUCAHX8H)
The frozen quantize evaluation graph, weights in the checkpoint, and quantize information are frozen inside. It can be used to evaluate the quantized model on the host or to dump the outputs of each layer for cross-checking with DPU outputs. The XIR compiler uses it as input.

The suffix contains the iteration information from the checkpoint file and the date information. For example, if the checkpoint file is "model.ckpt-2000.*" and the date is 20200611, the suffix is "2000_20200611000000."