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Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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3.5 English

Using a configuration file to record trace options for vaitrace is recommended. You can start a trace with configuration by using vaitrace -c trace_cfg.json.

Configuration priority: Configuration File > Command Line > Default.

Here is an example of a vaitrace configuration file.

  "trace": {
      "enable_trace_list": ["vitis-ai-library", "vart", "custom"]
  "trace_custom": []
Table 1. Contents of the Configuration File
Key Name Value Type Description
trace object  
  enable_trace_list list Built-in trace function list to be enabled, available value "vitis-ai-library", "vart", “opencv”, "custom." Custom for function in trace_custom list.
trace_custom   list The list of functions to be traced that the user implements. For the name of the function, naming space is supported. You can see an example of using a custom trace function later in this document.