Tips for QAT - 3.5 English

Vitis AI User Guide (UG1414)

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3.5 English

The following are some tips for QAT.

Keras Model

For Keras models, set backend.set_learning_phase(1) before creating the float train graph, and set backend.set_learning_phase(0) before creating the float evaluation graph. Moreover, backend.set_learning_phase() should be called after backend.clear_session(). Tensorflow1.x QAT APIs are designed for TensorFlow native training APIs. Using Keras APIs in QAT might lead to some nodes not executed issues. It is recommended to use QAT APIs in the Tensorflow2 quantization tool with Keras APIs.

Experiments show that QAT works better without dropout ops. This tool does not support finetuning with dropouts, and they should be removed or disabled before running QAT. This can be achieved by setting is_training=false when using tf.layers, or by calling tf.keras.backend.set_learning_phase(0) when using tf.keras.layers.
QAT is like floating-point model training/finetuning, so the techniques used in those are required in QAT. The optimizer type and the learning rate curve are important parameters to tune.