Supported Peripherals

Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kit User Guide (UG1092)

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The following table outlines external peripherals that are tested with the corresponding accelerated applications. It is recommended that you use a peripheral from the list to ensure that you realize maximum platform performance.

Table 1. Accelerated Application Peripherals
Accelerated Application Peripheral Part Number
10GigE Vision Camera Sony IMX547 camera kit color for SLVS_EC (J22) Sony HW-IMX547C-SK-G
Sony IMX547 camera kit monochrome for SLVS_EC (J22) Sony HW-IMX547M-SK-G
10GBase-SR SFP+ transceiver (J23) 10Gtek ‎AXS85-192-M3

The following table outlines external peripherals that are functionally verified with the KR260 Starter Kit.

Table 2. KR260 Starter Kit Functionally Tested Peripherals
Peripheral Part Number
Pmod RS485 isolated communications Digilent 410-310
USB 4K camera Logitech BRIO

For a complete list of KR260 compatible accessories, refer to the Kria SOM Forum.