Fan and Heat Sink

Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kit User Guide (UG1092)

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The KR260 Starter Kit is built with an integrated active cooling solution (see Figure 1). The integrated fansink allows you to exercise the full 10W AMD Zynq™ UltraScale+™ MPSoC application power budget without any additional accessories.

Out of the box, the 12V fan should already be plugged into the starter kit. If it is not, be sure that the fan is plugged into the connector designated in Table 1. The fan connector is keyed to ensure proper orientation.

By default, the fan runs at a constant speed. Variable fan speed control can be implemented through a FPGA based PWM fan controller. The fan gating signal is connected to a FPGA HD I/O bank pin for control. Consult the corresponding KR260 Starter Kit carrier card schematic for specific pin assignments.