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Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kit User Guide (UG1092)

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The AMD SOM platforms are enabled with a number of accelerated applications (AA) that can be dynamically installed on the SOM platform. The SOM starter Linux image is application agnostic and provides a set of utilities for pulling the hardware accelerated application examples from the SOM Linux package feeds.

Accelerated applications are software controllable, application-specific reference designs for roboticist, AI developers, embedded developers, and system architects to customize and enhance the functionality through software control or updating the AI models.

The AMD Kria™ robotics stack, Kria Robotics Stack (KRS) Tutorial (XD042) is an integrated set of robot libraries and utilities that use hardware to accelerate the development, maintenance, and commercialization of industrial-grade robotic solutions. It adopts the robot operating system (ROS) Software Development Kit (SDK) and enables a ROS 2-centric development approach that spans from the creation of computational graphs to the commercialization of ROS 2 overlay workspaces found in the Kria App Store. Some robotic accelerated applications are developed using the KRS.

The following table outlines some featured accelerated applications available for the KR260 Starter Kit. Consider this list as a starting point. Visit the SOM Getting Started webpage for the most up-to-date accelerated applications availability.

Table 1. KR260 Accelerated Applications Overview
Name Description
ROS 2 Perception Node Using the hardware accelerated perception for ROS 2 developers makes it easier to build high-performance solutions on Kria platforms. The focus of this accelerated application is to improve the throughput of image processing, an important facet to roboticists leveraging the Kria robotic stack (KRS) and Vitis Vision Library . The accelerated application reduces the load on the host CPU while providing significant performance gain. The data source and virtual environment are provided by the Gazebo simulator with Ubuntu Linux 22.04.
ROS 2 Multi-Node Communications via TSN The ROS 2 multi-node communication via TSN is an accelerated application that focuses on applying ROS 2 within the context of an time-sensitive networking (TSN) based communications infrastructure that is developed using the Kria robotics stack.
10GigE Vision Camera The 10GigE vision camera is a hardware accelerated machine vision application that is used in defect detection on the KR260 platform. It uses the Framos SLVS-EC sensor interface, the Euresys 10GigE vision interface, and the defect detection algorithm using the Vitis Vision Library .