Powering the Starter Kit and Power Budgets

Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kit User Guide (UG1092)

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The AMD Kria™ KR260 Robotics Starter Kit requires a 12V, 3A power supply adapter to power the kit. The adapter is included in the kit. The power supply adapter barrel connector plugs into the DC jack (J12) to supply the +12V power source to KR260 Starter Kit.

Powering the K26 SOM

  1. The KR260 Starter Kit carrier card on-board regulator generates a 5V supply and provides power to other voltage regulators.
  2. The SOM power rail (VCC_SOM) is powered by the 5V supply.
  3. Next, the SOM on-board power-on sequencing starts.
  4. The carrier card provides the programmable logic (PL) the VCCO voltage rails after the SOM asserts the VCCOEN_PS_M2C and VCCOEN_PL_M2C signals.

Power Telemetry

A power monitor device is available on the SOM power rail (SOM_5V0). You can access the total power consumed by the SOM module through the I2C bus and AMD provided utilities.

Powering Peripherals

The KR260 Starter Kit carrier card supplies power to the I/O peripherals as specified by the following interface specifications.


There are four USB3.0 interface ports available on the KR260 Starter Kit carrier card. There are two independent USB controllers, but they share a power source. Each port can deliver a 5V supply to the attached I/O peripherals with up to 900 mA per port. All ports are protected against an over-current event through 1.0A power switches per pair.
Note: The total current (across all four ports) is allocated at 2.0A.

Pmod Connector

The 12-pin Pmod interface (from Digilent Inc.) is specified to be 3.3V, 100 mA. The four ports are supported by a 3.3V, 1.0A shared capacity across all connectors.

Raspberry Pi Expansion Header

The Raspberry Pi expansion header is for use with Raspberry Pi HATs. This 40-pin interface connector is supported by 3.3V and 5.0V supply voltages. There is a 1.0A limit per voltage rail.


Pluggable SPF+ transceiver modules are supported by the SFP+ cage that provides a 3.3V, 600 mA supply budget. The total power consumed must fall within the power budget for the SPF+ module. The SFP+ power is not explicitly limited, thus care must be taken when attaching optional accessories to your carrier card.


The Framos FPA SLVS-EC connector is supported with two voltages. The carrier provides 1.8V at 800 mA and 3.8V with a limit of 1.0A. Because the 1.8V is not explicitly limited, care must be taken when attaching accessories to ensure a proper power budget.

microSD Card

The microSD card is supported by the 3.3V supply voltage with a power budget of 200 mA. This should be more than adequate for standard cards. It is also not explicitly limited. The starter kit supports up to 64 GB microSD cards.