Kria KR260 Robotics Starter Kit User Guide (UG1092)

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The following figure and table provide an overview of the physical connections, their designators, and relative position on the starter kit. The table uses the following abbreviations to indicate if a specific designator is located on the carrier card or on the SOM.

  • CC = Device or interface is located on the carrier card
  • SOM = Device or interface is located on the SOM

On the carrier card, there are four USB ports. USB0 and USB1 are each connected to a pair or USB physical port interfaces. There are four Ethernet interfaces with one pair connected to PS GEMs and one pair to PL-based Ethernet controllers. As shown in the following figure, Ethernet 1 (PS) on J10C is the default firmware and software Ethernet interface used for the image recovery application and the primary Ethernet interface in Linux.

Figure 1. Interfaces and Connectors—Top of Card
Figure 2. Interfaces and Connectors—Bottom of Card
Table 1. Descriptions and Locations
Location Name Description
SOM DS34 PS done LED Lit indicates that the PS has successfully loaded a PL design.
SOM DS35 Heartbeat LED Periodic flashing green LED driven by the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC APU processor.
SOM DS36 PS status LED Status LED, when lit indicates a successful application load.
CC DS1-DS6 Power status LEDs Indicates various power supply and power domain status. Green LED indicates good status.
CC J2, J18, J19, J20 Pmod Digilent Pmod 2x6 expansion header
CC J1 Watchdog out selector J1 is used to select the external watchdog circuit. The default (pin 1-2) routes the output of the watchdog to the PMU GPI on MIO26. In the other position (pin 2-3) routes to the SRST pin of the Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC.
CC J3 PC4 JTAG Direct JTAG interface, bypasses the FTDI device.
CC J4 FTDI USB2.0 UART and JTAG Integrated JTAG and device UART interface via USB2.0
CC J6 DisplayPort DisplayPort video output
CC J10A Ethernet RJ45 jack 1 Gb/s Ethernet 3 (PL) RGMII interface on HPB
CC J10B Ethernet RJ45 jack 1 Gb/s Ethernet 2 (PL) RGMII interface on HPA
CC J10C Ethernet RJ45 jack 1 Gb/s Ethernet 1 (PS) RGMII interface
CC J10D Ethernet RJ45 jack 1 Gb/s Ethernet 0 (PS) SGMII interface
CC J11 microSD card microSD card boot device
CC J12 12V power input 12V power input jack
CC J13 Fan power 12V SOM fan power interface
CC J21 Raspberry Pi HAT Raspberry Pi expansion header for HAT interface
CC J22 SLVS-EC Framos FPA SLVS-EC interface
CC J23 SFP+ SFP+ connector
CC J24 SFP+ cage SFP+ cage
CC SW1 Firmware update button Push button used during the boot firmware update process
CC SW2 Reset button Push button that resets the SOM via the device POR_B signal
CC U44 USB0 Two USB3.0 or USB2.0 compatible connectors
CC U46 USB1 Two USB3.0 or USB2.0 compatible connectors