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AI Engine Kernel and Graph Programming Guide (UG1079)

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2022.2 English

The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
10/19/2022 Version 2022.2
Document title Changed title to AI Engine Kernel and Graph Programming Guide.
Document-wide changes Added graph programming content from AI Engine Tools and Flows User Guide (UG1076).
Vector Arithmetic Operations Updated examples syntax.
Rounding and Saturation Modes Changed truncate to saturate.
Casting and Datatype Conversion Updated the conversion functions (to_float() and to_fixed()) example.
Operator Overloading Updated operators example code.
Data Reshaping Updated to include aie::vector<int32,8>.
Matrix Multiplication Updated section for the release.
Window-Based Access Made clarifying updates.
Stream-Based Access Added Stream Connection for Multi-Rate Processing subsection.
Relative Constraints New topic.
MAC on 16x16 bits Made clarifying updates.
Relative Constraints New topic.
Graph Topologies New section.
Other Constraints Added async_repetition constraint.
05/25/2022 Version 2022.1
Vector Data Types Highlighted data type sizes supported natively by the AI Engine.
Vector Registers Added the grow_replicate function on aie::vector.
Loops Added Loop Flattening and Unrolling section.
Scheduling Separator Added information about scheduling separator pragma.
Parallel Streams Access Added information about accessing two input and/or output streams in parallel.
Profiling Kernel Code Added information about profiling kernel code using cycles() API.
Run-Time Parameter Specification Removed section about AI Engine-to-AI Engine runtime parameter support.
Data Communication via AXI4-Stream Interconnect Updated the section.
Window vs. Stream in Data Communication Updated section to reflect wIndow multicast support.
Example Designs Using the AI Engine API New chapter. Added new FIR Filter and Matrix Multiplication example designs.
Update, Extract, and Shift Added information about using the update API on accumulators.
11/10/2021 Version 2021.2
Scalar Processing Unit Updated for AI Engine API.
AI Engine Memory Added information about heap and stack size.
AI Engine API New section.
Introduction to Scalar and Vector Programming Updated for AI Engine API.
AI Engine API Overview New section.
Vector Arithmetic Operations
Vector Reduction
Bit-wise Operations
Data Comparison
Data Reshaping
Operator Overloading
Multiple Lanes Multiplications - sliding_mul
Matrix Multiplications - mmul
API Operation Examples
Loops Updated information.
Floating-Point Operations Updated for AI Engine API.
Single Kernel Programming using Intrinsics Appendix describing programming using intrinsics.
Design Analysis and Programming using Intrinsics Appendix describing design analysis and programming using intrinsics.
07/19/2021 Version 2021.1
Accumulator Registers Added information about print acc value, as well as streaming data APIs.
Casting and Datatype Conversion Added a note about the AI Engine floating-point.
Initialization Added information about the static keyword.
Load and Store with Virtual Resource Annotations Added new section.
Window vs. Stream in Data Communication Added information.
DDR Memory Access through GMIO Removed information related to PL GMIO.
Mapping Algorithm onto the AI Engine Clarified description.
Coding with Intrinsics Added information about the (always_inline) attribute.
02/04/2021 Version 2020.2
Initial release. N/A