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AI Engine Kernel and Graph Programming Guide (UG1079)

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2022.2 English

For intrinsic function documentation, see the Versal ACAP AI Engine Intrinsics Documentation (UG1078).

The intrinsic function documentation is organized by the different types of operations and data types. The function calls at the highest level are organized in the documentation as follows:

Load /Store Operations
About pointer dereferencing and pointer arithmetic, as well as operations on streams.
Scalar Operations
Operations on integer and floating point scalar values, configuration, conversions, addressing, locks and events.
Vector Conversions
Handling of vectors with different sizes and precisions.
Vector Operations
Arithmetic operations performed on vectors.
Application Specific Intrinsics
Intrinsics assisting in the implementation of a specific application.
Figure 1. Intrinsic Function Documentation

The Versal ACAP AI Engine Intrinsics Documentation is also available through the Vitis™ IDE.

Figure 2. AI Engine Intrinsics Documentation through the Vitis IDE