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Vitis AI Library User Guide (UG1354)

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1.1 English

After the model packet is installed on the target, all the models are stored under /usr/share/vitis_ai_library/models/. Each model is stored in a separate folder, which is composed of the following files by default.

  • [model_name].elf
  • [model_name].prototxt
  • meta.json

Take the "inception_v1" model as an example. "inception_v1.elf" is the model data. "inception_v1.prototxt" is the parameter of the model. meta.json is the configuration file of the model. The application will get the model info through this configuration file. The following table is detail description of meta.json.

Table 1. The content of the "meta.json"
Element Instruction
target The type of DPU, such as DPUv2 and DPUv3e
lib The driver of DPU, such as ""
filename The name of model file
kernel The kernel name of the model
config_file The parameter file name of the model

The meta.json file should be under the same directory with the model file and the name of the model directory should be the same with the model name.