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Vitis AI Library User Guide (UG1354)

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1.1 English

The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
03/23/2020 Version 1.1
Introduction Added "Vitis AI Library 1.1 Release notes"
Installation Added cloud operation cotent.

Updated the method of setting up the host.

Performance Added the performance data of U50
12/02/2019 Version 1.0
Entire document Updated the content for Vitis™ AI v1.0.

Removed support for the Ultra96 board.

08/13/2019 Version 2.0
Entire document

Updated framework figure.

Added “About this document” and “Release Notes” in Chapter 1.

Updated Installation in Chapter 2.

Added Programming Examples chapter.

Added Application demos chapter.

Added Resnet18, face landmark and ReID model.

Updated Performance data for ZCU102, ZCU104,Ultra96.

Removed the original Chapter 3: Installation.

Removed the original Chapter 4: Cross-Compiling

Removed the original Chapter 6: Libraries Advanced Application.

Removed Roadline_deephi Model.

05/31/2019 Version 1.2
Libraries and Samples Added Inception_V4, YOLOV2, Roadline_deephi model.

Removed RefineDet_640x480 model.

Performance Updated Performance data for ZCU102, ZCU104, Ultra96.
05/24/2019 Version 1.1
Entire document Editorial updates.
04/29/2019 Version 1.0
Initial release. N/A