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Vitis AI Library User Guide (UG1354)

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1.1 English

There are two application demos provided within the Vitis AI Libray. They use the AI Library to build their applications. The codes are stored in ~/Vitis-AI/Vitis-AI-Library/overview/demo/segs_and_roadline_detect and ~/Vitis-AI/Vitis-AI-Library/overview/demo/seg_and_pose_detect.

segs_and_roadline_detect is a demo that includes multi-task segmentation network processing, vehicle detection and road line detection. It simultaneously performs 4-channel segmentation and vehicle detection and 1-channel road lane detection.

seg_and_pose_detect is a demo that includes multi-task segmentation network processing and pose detection. It simultaneously performs 1-channel segmentation process and 1-channel pose detection.

Note: To achieve the best performance, the demos use the DRM (Direct Render Manager) for video display. Log in the board using ssh or serial port and run the demo remotely. If you do not want to use DRM for video display, set “USE_DRM=0” in the compile option.