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Vitis AI Library User Guide (UG1354)

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1.1 English

This library is used to classify images. Such neural networks are trained on ImageNet for ILSVRC and they can identify the objects from its 1000 classification. The AI Library r1.1 integrated Resnet18, Resnet50, Inception_v1, Inception_v2, Inception_v3, Inception_v4, Vgg, mobilenet_v1, mobilenet_v2 and Squeezenet into our library. The input is a picture with an object and the output is the top-K most probable category.

Figure 1. Classification Example

The following table shows the classification model supported by the AI Library.

Table 1. The Classification Model List
No Model Name Framework
1 inception_resnet_v2_tf Tensorflow
2 inception_v1_tf
3 inception_v3_tf
4 inception_v4_2016_09_09_tf
5 mobilenet_v1_0_25_128_tf
6 mobilenet_v1_0_5_160_tf
7 mobilenet_v1_1_0_224_tf
8 mobilenet_v2_1_0_224_tf
9 mobilenet_v2_1_4_224_tf
10 resnet_v1_101_tf
11 resnet_v1_152_tf
12 resnet_v1_50_tf
13 vgg_16_tf
14 vgg_19_tf
15 resnet50 Caffe
16 resnet18
17 inception_v1
18 inception_v2
19 inception_v3
20 inception_v4
21 mobilenet_v2
22 squeezenet