Video Timing Controller

Multimedia User Guide (UG1449)

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The Video Timing Controller core is a general-purpose video timing generator and detector. The core is highly programmable through a comprehensive register set allowing control of various timing generation parameters. This programmability is coupled with a comprehensive set of interrupt bits that provide easy integration into a processor system for in-system control of the block in real-time. The Video Timing Controller is provided with an optional AXI4-Lite compliant interface.


  • Support for progressive or interlaced video frame sizes up to 16384 x 16384
  • Direct regeneration of output timing signals with independent timing and polarity inversion
  • Automatic detection and generation of horizontal and vertical video timing signals
  • Support for multiple combinations of blanking or synchronization signals
  • Automatic detection of input video control signal polarities
  • Support for detection and generation of horizontal delay of vertical blank/sync
  • Programmable output video signal polarities
  • Generation of up to 16 additional independent output frame synchronization signals
  • Optional AXI4-Lite processor interface
  • High number of interrupts and status registers for easy system control and integration

For more information, see Video Timing Controller LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG016).