Audio Formatter

Multimedia User Guide (UG1449)

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The AMD LogiCORE IP Audio Formatter core is a soft AMD IP core that provides high-bandwidth direct memory access between memory and AXI4-Stream target peripherals supporting audio data.


  • Supports 2, 4, 6, or 8 audio channels
  • Supports 8, 16, 20, 24, and 32 bits PCM data width
  • Independent S2MM (write to Memory) and MM2S (read from memory) operations
  • Supports Interleaved and Non-interleaved modes of data packaging in memory
  • Supported data formats for audio stream writes to memory (S2MM)
    • AES to AES
    • AES to PCM (includes AES Decoder)
    • PCM to PCM
  • Supported data formats for audio stream reads from memory (MM2S)
    • AES to AES
    • AES to PCM
    • PCM to PCM
    • PCM to AES (Includes AES Encoder)
  • Supports timeout feature in case of S2MM
  • Interrupt generation on completion of every Period size of data, or when an error occurs
  • Support to pad 0s if some channels in S2MM are missing samples
  • Can handle random order of audio channels in incoming stream in S2MM
  • Supports graceful halt and soft reset by completion of pending AXI4 transactions
  • Supports selection of synchronous or asynchronous clocks through the IP configuration wizard

For more information, see Audio Formatter Product Guide (PG330).