U50 Gen3x4 XDMA base_2 Platform

Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card Platforms User Guide (UG1120)

Document ID
Release Date
2.0.1 English
Platform name
Deployment name
Platform UUID
Interface UUID
Release Date
June 2020
Created by
2020.1 tools
Supported XRT versions
2020.1 through 2022.1, with support planned through 2023
Satellite controller (SC) FW release
Initial release 5.0.27

For the latest SC FW release notes, see the Alveo U50 Satellite Controller Release Notes 75168.

Link speed
Gen3 x4
Target card

For more information, see Alveo U50 Data Center Accelerator Card.

Release Notes
Change log and known issues for the platform and the SC and CMC firmware are available in the Alveo U50 Master Release Notes Answer Record 75163.

The xilinx_u50_gen3x4_xdma_base_2 is an application specific platform used with machine learning and video transcode application solutions. An application solution combines the platform and application into a single solution. Because application specific platforms are only used with an application, no Vitis development platform is provided.