DMA Configurations

Alveo Data Center Accelerator Card Platforms User Guide (UG1120)

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DMA Features

AMD provides a high-performance platform configuration to design custom acceleration applications with XDMA, providing:

  • Memory-mapped DMA transfer
  • High-bandwidth transfers
  • Kernel support for memory-mapped AXI4
Table 1. DMA Customization Features
Feature XDMA
Host interface Gen3 x16 w/ 512-bit data path
Data path 512-bit wide memory-mapped AXI4
DMA transactions Memory-mapped transfers between on card DDR4/HBM/PLRAM memories
Maximum transfer size 256 MB
DDR4 channels U200/U250: 4x DDR4 16 GB (64 GB maximum)

U280: 2x DDR4 16 GB (32 GB maximum)

HBM U50/U50LV/U280: 1x HBM 8 GB

U55C: 1x HBM 16 GB