Total Thermal Module Power

Kria K26 SOM Thermal Design Guide (UG1090)

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The total module power (TMP) represents the maximum board power dissipation while the system is running the target workload under worst-case conditions. System designs must be capable of providing enough cooling for the K26 SOM when operating at the TMP level. The TMP depends on how the SOM is configured and used. The TMP can be obtained via an accurate power estimation of the K26 SOM using the power design manager (PDM) tool, detailed in the Power Estimation section. Prior to evaluating a thermal solution, the PDM tool provides the appropriate thermal loading based on your estimated inputs. The following figure maps the top-side view of the component placement on the K26 SOM PCB. The power dissipation values are listed in the following table.

Figure 1. K26 SOM Component Placement Map

The power presented in the following table is only an example. The actual power dissipation should be obtained from the PDM. For the purpose of a thermal simulation, U11 – U14 are combined into a single component in the thermal model.

Table 1. K26 SOM Component Thermal Specifications
Type Part Reference Description Maximum Thermal Specifications Heat Spreader TC Monitor
Tj (°C) TC (°C)
MPSoC U1 XCK26-SFVC784-2LV-C (or -I) 85 (C)

100 (I)

N/A yes
Memory U11, U12, U13, U14 DDR4 memory N/A 95 yes
U133 eMMC memory N/A 85 (C)

105 (I)

U143 Quad-SPI memory N/A 85 (C)

105 (I)

U144 Trusted platform module (TPM) N/A N/A
IC and Clocks U168 PS supervisor 125 N/A
U169 PL supervisor 125 N/A
U151 Power module 125 N/A
U165 Power module 125 N/A
Power Supplies U170 PMIC 125 N/A yes
L60-L63 Power inductors 125 N/A
U166 Power regulator 125 N/A yes
L66, L67 Current inductors 125 N/A
U167 Power regulator 125 N/A yes
L64, L65 Current inductors 125 N/A

These thermal specifications are for simulation evaluations. The designed SOM thermal solution is expected to be sufficient to maintain the on board components within their maximum temperature limits as detailed in the table. Tj of the K26 SOM can be accessed during qualification test via the SYSMON.

Note: There are no active components included on the bottom side of the PCB that require thermal consideration.