Using Incremental Implementation in Project Mode - 2023.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Implementation (UG904)

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2023.1 English
In Project Mode, you can set the incremental compile option in two ways: in the Design Runs window and in the Implementation section of the Settings dialog box. To set the incremental compile option in the Design Runs window:
  1. Right-click a run in the Design Runs window.
  2. Click Set Incremental Implementation from the context menu.

To set Incremental Implementation in the Settings dialog box:

  1. In the Flow Navigator, select Settings under Project Manager.
  2. Select Implementation.
    Figure 1. Select Implementation in Design Run Settings
  3. Next to Incremental Implementation, select the button to enable the Incremental Implementation dialog box.

To enable the incremental flow:
  1. Select the Specify design checkpoint radio button.
  2. Next you have the option to set the directive. When unselected, this is set to the default value RuntimeOptimized, other values are TimingClosure and Quick.
  3. Select whether you want a static reference checkpoint using the New design checkpoint option or one that automatically updates if a newer suitable reference checkpoint is available by selecting the Automatically use the checkpoint from the previous run option. This also allows a directory to be selected so that the checkpoint can be stored in an area outside the project structure to make it more version control friendly.
The following is an example of Tcl commands that can set up the incremental flow to use the TimingClosure directive and reference a static checkpoint:
set_property AUTO_INCREMENTAL_CHECKPOINT 0 [get_runs impl_1]
set_property incremental_checkpoint.directive TimingClosure [get_runs impl_1]
add_files -fileset utils_1 -norecurse ./top_routed.dcp
set_property incremental_checkpoint ./top_routed.dcp [get_runs impl_1]

The following is an example of the Tcl commands required to set up the incremental flow to use the RuntimeOptimized directive and automatically update the checkpoint:

set_property AUTO_INCREMENTAL_CHECKPOINT 1 [get_runs <run_name>]
set_property AUTO_INCREMENTAL_CHECKPOINT.DIRECTORY <directory> [get_runs impl_1]
set_property incremental_checkpoint.directive RuntimeOptimized [get_runs impl_1]
To apply Incremental Implementation Controls
  1. Select the Implementation run
  2. In the Implementation Properties under INCREMENTAL_CHECKPOINT use the MORE_OPTIONS to add the control switches
    Figure 2. Implementation Run Properties

To disable incremental compile for the current run (or clear the reference to start over again without a reference checkpoint in Automatic mode), do one of the following:

  • Select Disable incremental compile in the Incremental Implementation dialog box, or
  • Run the following command in the Tcl Console:
    set_property AUTO_INCREMENTAL_CHECKPOINT 0 [get_runs <run_name>]
    set_property incremental_checkpoint "" [get_runs impl_1]