Routing Assignment Window - 2023.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Implementation (UG904)

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2023.1 English
Figure 1. Routing Assignment Window

The Routing Assignment window is divided into the Options, Assigned Nodes, and Neighbor Nodes sections:

  • The Options section, shown in the following figure, controls the settings for the Routing Assignment window.

    • The Number of hops value allows you to specify the number of routing hops that can be assigned for neighbor nodes. This also affects the Neighbor Nodes displayed. If the number of hops is greater than 1, only the last node of the route is displayed in the Neighbor Nodes section.
    • The Maximum number of neighbors value allows you to limit the number of neighbor nodes that are displayed in the Neighbor Nodes section. Only the last node of the route is displayed.
    • The Allow overlap with unfixed nets switch controls whether overlaps of assigned routing with existing unfixed routing is allowed. Any overlaps need to be resolved by running the route_design command after fixed route assignment.

    The Options section is hidden by default. To show the Options section, click Show.

  • The Assigned Nodes section shows the nodes that already have assigned routing. Each assigned node is displayed as a separate line item.

    In the Device window, nodes with assigned routing are highlighted in orange. Any gaps between assigned nodes are shown in the Assigned Nodes section as a GAP line item. To auto-route gaps:

    • Right-click a net gap in the Assigned Nodes section.
    • Select Auto-route from the context-sensitive menu.

    To assign the next routing segment, select an assigned node before or after a gap, or the last assigned node in the Assigned Nodes section.

  • The Neighbor Nodes section (shown in the following section) displays the allowed neighbor nodes, highlights the current selected nodes (in white). and highlights the allowed neighbor nodes (white dotted) in the Device window.
Figure 2. Assign Next Routing Segment