Exporting IBIS Models - 2022.2 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: I/O and Clock Planning (UG899)

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2022.2 English
To better understand the signal integrity at the system level, PCB designers often need to simulate the design with IBIS models. Designers must consider signal integrity issues such as crosstalk, ground bounce, and SSN. IBIS models help characterize current-voltage (I-V) curves and parasitic information of the packaged device.
Tip: You can download generic IBIS models from the Xilinx Downloads page.

From the Vivado IDE, you can generate IBIS models from the design and per-pin package data. The Vivado IDE uses the netlist and implementation details from the design, and combines that information with the available per-pin parasitic package information to create a custom IBIS model for the design.

With an elaborated, synthesized, or implemented design open, you can export an IBIS file for use in analyzing the design as follows:

  1. Select File > Export > Export IBIS Model.
  2. In the Export IBIS Model dialog box, set the following options, and click OK:
    Output File
    Specify the file name and path for the output IBIS file.
    Include all models
    Include all available I/O buffer models for this device. By default, only buffer models used in the design are included.
    Disable per pin modeling
    Disable inclusion of the per-pin modeling of the package. This is the path from the die pad of the device to the pin of the package. With per-pin modeling disabled, the package is reduced to a single RLC transmission line model applied to all pins and defined in the [Package] section of the IBIS file.
    Maximum length of signal names
    Truncate signal names to the specified limit
    Truncate signal names to 40 characters, which is supported by IBIS version 4.2 as the default.
    Truncate signal names to 20 characters.
    Do not truncate signal names.
    Updated generic IBIS model file
    Optionally, provide an IBIS model file for the device. This is used to override the IBIS models found in the installation under the parts directory.
    Important: The IBIS model file is required for devices that do not have IBIS models included with software installation.
    Updated parasitic package data file
    Optionally, provide a parasitic package file (.pkg extension) file to use for per-pin extractions. This is used to override the parasitic package file found in the installation hierarchy under the parts directory.
    Important: The parasitic package file is required for devices that do not have IBIS models included with software installation.
    Component Name
    Optionally, specify a new component name to change the default value, which is the device family.