Step 2: Creating an IP Integrator Design - 2022.1 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Designing IP Subsystems Using IP Integrator (UG995)

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2022.1 English
  1. In the Flow Navigator, select Create Block Design.

    The Create Block Design dialog box opens, as shown in the following figure:

  2. In the Create Block Design dialog box, set the following:
    1. For Design Name, select subsystem_1.
    2. For Directory, select <Local to Project>.
    3. For Specify source set, select: Design Sources.
  3. Click OK.

    The Vivado IP integrator displays a design canvas to let you quickly create complex subsystem designs by integrating IP cores.

  4. Click the Add IP button in the block design canvas.

    Alternatively, you can also right-click on the design canvas to open the context menu, and select Add IP.

    Tip: To open the IP Details window beside the IP catalog, as shown in the following figure, type Ctrl-Q as described at the bottom of the IP catalog window. This window lets you see details of the currently selected IP in the catalog.
  5. In the search field of the IP catalog, type spi to find the AXI Quad SPI.
  6. Select AXI Quad SPI core and press Enter on the keyboard, or double-click the core in the IP catalog. Yet another way of adding an IP is dragging and dropping the IP from the IP catalog to the block design canvas. In this case, you would search for the IP, select it and drag-and-drop it on the block design canvas.

    The AXI Quad SPI core is instantiated onto the IP integrator design canvas.

  7. Right-click the IP integrator canvas to open the popup menu, and select Add IP.
  8. In the Search field of the IP integrator catalog, type IIC.
  9. Either double-click or press Enter on your keyboard to instantiate the AXI IIC IP.
  10. Use the Add IP command to instantiate the following IP cores:
    • AXI UART Lite
    • AXI Block RAM (BRAM) Controller
    • AXI Interrupt Controller (INTC)
    • AXI Interconnect

    The IP integrator canvas should look similar to the following figure. The relative positions of the blocks placed on the canvas might be slightly different.