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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Design Flows Overview (UG892)

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2022.1 English

The following table shows the basic Project Mode Tcl commands that control project creation, implementation, and reporting.

Tip: The best way to understand the Tcl commands involved in a design task is to run the command in the Vivado IDE and inspect the syntax in the Tcl Console or the vivado.jou file.
Table 1. Basic Project Mode Tcl Commands
Command Description
create_project Creates the Vivado Design Suite project. Arguments include project name and location, design top module name, and target part.

Adds source files to the project. These include Verilog (.v), VHDL (.vhd or .vhdl), SystemVerilog (.sv), IP and System Generator modules (.xco or .xci), IP Integrator subsystems (.bd), and XDC constraints (.xdc or .sdc).

Individual files can be added, or entire directory trees can be scanned for legal sources and automatically added to the project.

Note: The .xco file is no longer supported in UltraScale device designs.
set_property Used for multiple purposes in the Vivado Design Suite. For projects, it can be used to define VHDL libraries for sources, simulation-only sources, target constraints files, tool settings, and so forth.
import_files Imports the specified files into the current file set, effectively adding them into the project infrastructure. It is also used to assign XDC files into constraints sets.


launch_runs -to_step

Starts either synthesis or implementation and bitstream generation. This command encompasses the individual implementation commands as well as the standard reports generated after the run completes. It is used to launch all of the steps of the synthesis or implementation process in a single command, and to track the tools progress through that process. The -to_step option is used to launch the implementation process, including bitstream generation, in incremental steps.
wait_on_run Ensures the run is complete before processing the next commands in a Tcl script.
open_run Opens either the synthesized design or implemented design for reporting and analysis. A design must be opened before information can be queried using Tcl for reports, analysis, and so forth.
close_design Closes the in-memory design.



Opens or closes the Vivado IDE with the current design in memory.
Note: This document is not a complete reference for the available Tcl commands. Instead, see the
Vivado Design Suite Tcl Command Reference Guide (UG835).