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Bootgen User Guide (UG1283)

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2022.1 English

The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
06/10/2022 Version 2022.1
General updates Editorial updates to match PDF.
04/26/2022 Version 2022.1
Using Bootgen GUI Updated Images
SSIT Support Updated for Versal Premium
BIF Attribute Reference Updated BIF Attributes
Command Reference Updated Command References
12/15/2021 Version 2021.2
N/A No changes to this section.
10/22/2021 Version 2021.2
Zynq UltraScale+ MPSoC Authentication Certificates Corrected code.
Replacing PLM from an Existing PDI Corrected code.
07/19/2021 Version 2021.1
N/A No changes to this section.
06/16/2021 Version 2021.1
userkeys Added new attribute and example.
verify Detailed the verification steps.
Attributes Edited for clarity.
Design Advisories for Bootgen New ARs added to section.
HSM Mode Updated stage 0 for clarity.
HSM Flow with Both Authentication and Encryption New flow details added.