OpenAMP Demos - 2022.1 English

Libmetal and OpenAMP User Guide (UG1186)

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2022.1 English

Following are descriptions for each of the OpenAMP demonstration applications.

Echo Test in Linux Master and Baremetal or FreeRTOS Remotes

This test application sends a number of payloads from the master to the remote and tests the integrity of the transmitted data.

The echo test application uses the Linux master to boot the remote Baremetal firmware using remoteproc .

The Linux master then transmits payloads to the remote firmware using RPMsg . The remote firmware echoes back the received data using RPMsg .

The Linux master verifies and prints the payload.

Matrix Multiplication for Linux Master and Baremetal or FreeRTOS Remotes

The matrix multiplication application provides a more complex test that generates two matrices on the master. These matrices are then sent to the remote, which is used to multiply the matrices. The remote then sends the result back to the master, which displays the result.

The Linux master boots the Baremetal remote firmware using remoteproc . It then transmits two randomly-generated matrices using RPMsg.

The Baremetal firmware multiplies the two matrices and transmits the result back to the master using RPMsg .

Proxy Application for Linux Masters and Baremetal or FreeRTOS Remotes

This application creates a proxy between the Linux master and the remote core, which allows the remote firmware to use console and execute file I/O on the master.

The Linux master boots the firmware using the proxy_app . The remote firmware executes file I/O on the Linux file system (FS), which is on the master processor. The remote firmware also uses the master console to receive input and display output.