Step 3: Code Generation and AI Engine SystemC Simulation - 2020.2 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Model-Based DSP Design using Add-on for MATLAB and Simulink (UG1498)

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2020.2 English
  1. Create a subsystem for the graph block.

    Note: In this particular design scenario only one graph code is imported. But in a case where we have multiple graphs imported and connected, Model composer automatically generates the top module which includes interconnections of all blocks.
  2. Assign the subsystem name as graph_sub.
  3. Drag the Model Composer Hub block from the library browser or simply click on the canvas and start typing Model Composer Hub.

  4. Double-click the Model Composer Hub block and make changes as follows (Similar to those in Lab 1 - Import AIE kernel).

  5. The Simulation procedure is similar to that of Lab 1 (Import AIE Kernkel). It also generates the Target directory (./code in this case) under which you can see the top level graph code under code/src_aie directory and the code/data directory which contains the data logged from the Simulink design along with output from the AI Engine SystemC simulation.

  6. Notice the log in the progress window after completion. Click OK.