Arbitrary Resampling Filter Design (XAPP1373)

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An arbitrary resampling filter is implemented on Xilinx AI Core devices with the following features:

  • High performance with 16 taps and a 256x prestored filter coefficient look-up table
  • Small footprint with three AI Engines packed in a 3x1 array supporting 250–350 MSPS input sample rates and a fixed output data rate at 500 MSPS synchronous to the output clock
  • Sample-by-sample phase adjustment at a refined resolution of 1 ppb
  • Deterministic output latency of 1 μs (exactly 500 clock cycles in the output clock domain)
  • User-friendly FIFO-like input data and control interfaces
  • Fully synchronous output interface with a solid-High valid signal and FIFO underflow flags
  • Generic Makefile and Tcl scripts reusable by new designs with minor modification