Validate the Hardware and Software with the Hello World Application

External Secure Storage Using the PUF (XAPP1333)

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1. In the main Xilinx Vitis toolbar, select File > New > Application Project . If the Create a New Application Project window appears, click Next ..

2. Select ZCU102_XAPP1333 platform in the Platform window and then click Next .

3. In the Application Project Details type in HelloWorld in the Application project name. Leave remaining parameters at their default value and click Next .

4. Leave the domain as standalone on psu_cortexa53_0 and click Next .

5. On the Template page of the New Project window, select Hello World .

6. Click Finish .

7. Right-click on the platform.spr that is located under ZCU102_XAPP1333 platform in the Explorer view and click Open.

8. Select Board Support Package Settings under standalone on psu_cortexa53_0 in the ZCU102_XAPP1333 platform view and click Modify BSP settings.

9. In the Board Support Package Settings window expand the Overview tree and then click standalone .

10. Make sure the stdin and stdout functions are mapped to psu_uart_0 and click OK .

11. Right-click the HelloWorld project and select Build Project .

12. Connect either the USB JTAG connector J2 to the ZCU102 development board and then to a computer or connect the Platform JTAG to the ZCU102 via J8 and the associated hardware to a computer.

13. Connect a USB cable from the USB Serial port connector J83 on the ZCU102 board to a computer and make note of which COM port was enumerated with the Silicon Labs Quad CP2108 USB to UART Bridge: Interface 0.

14. Open a terminal program such as PuTTY or Tera Term and connect to the COM port listed above at 115,200 baud.

15. On the ZCU102 development board set the dip switch to configure the board for JTAG boot mode as shown in This Figure .

16. Right-click the HelloWorld project and select Run As > Launch on Hardware (Single) .

17. Verify that “Hello World” is output on the terminal screen. The hardware and software is properly configured and is now ready for use.