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Utility Flip-Flop LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG413)

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1.0 English

The following table shows the relationship between the fields in the Vivado® IDE and the user parameters (which can be viewed in the Tcl Console).

Table 1. User Parameters
Vivado IDE Parameter 1 Description Default Value
C_WIDTH Width of the input/output signal 1
C_FF_TYPE Type of the flip-flop or latch 1
C_INIT Initial value in the register 0x0
C_C_INVERTED Specifies whether the CLK pin is active-High or active-Low 0
C_R_INVERTED Specifies whether the RESET pin is active-High or active-Low 1
C_G_INVERTED Specifies whether the GATE pin is active-High or active-Low 0
C_S_INVERTED Specifies whether the SET pin is active-High or active-Low 0
C_CLR_INVERTED Specifies whether the CLEAR pin is active-High or active-Low 0
C_PRE_INVERTED Specifies whether the PRESET pin is active-High or active-Low 0
C_D_INVERTED Specifies whether the D pin is active-High or active-Low 0
  1. Parameter values are listed in the table where the Vivado IDE parameter value differs from the user parameter value. Such values are shown in this table as indented below the associated parameter.
Table 2. Parameter-Port Dependencies
Name Depends Relationship Description
C_WIDTH 0 - C_WIDTH-1 Width of Input Signals
C_FF_TYPE 1-6 Type of Flip-Flop or Latch
C_INIT C_WIDTH Initial Value
C_C_INVERTED C_FF_TYPE = 1,2,3,4 Polarity of Clock
C_R_INVERTED C_FF_TYPE = 1 Polarity of Reset
C_G_INVERTED C_FF_TYPE = 5,6 Polarity of Gate
C_S_INVERTED C_FF_TYPE = 3 Polarity of Set
C_CLR_INVERTED C_FF_TYPE = 2,5 Polarity of Clear
C_PRE_INVERTED C_FF_TYPE = 4,6 Polarity of Preset
C_D_INVERTED C_FF_TYPE = 1,2,3,4 Polarity of D