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Alveo U280 Data Center Accelerator Card Data Sheet (DS963)

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The following table shows the revision history for this document.

Section Revision Summary
06/23/2023 Version 1.7
Card Thermal and Electrical Protections Added section.
03/23/2023 Version 1.6
General updates Moved QSFP port location figure from Summary to Network Interfaces.
Table 1 Added table.
09/01/2022 Version 1.5
Summary Added I/O bracket figure.
Board and Temperature Limits Added section.
09/24/2021 Version 1.4
Table 1 Updated total electrical card load from 225W to 215W.
Manufacturer Declaration European Community Removed GS compliance mark.
05/11/2020 Version 1.3
Summary Updated description of DDR4 RDIMMs.
Table 1 Updated number of LUTs and added block RAMs.
Network Interfaces Updated wattage description.
FPGA Resource Information Updated paragraph after Figure 1.
Table 1 Updated assembly length for active cooling enclosure installed.
Table 1 Updated operating temperature.
Standard Compliance Details Removed section.
Airflow Direction Support Added note after figure.
Operating Conditions Updated tables.
Humidity Updated upper end of relative humidity range from 85% to 90%.
Storage and Non-Operating Conditions Updated upper end of relative humidity range from 90% to 95%.
11/20/2019 Version 1.2
General updates Updated to the Vitis unified software platform throughout.
General updates Updated to the Vitis unified software platform throughout.
Alveo Product Details Updated table and figure.
Qualified Servers Replaced table with link to Alveo Qualified Servers Catalog.
Network Interfaces Removed sentence about QSFP connectors not being supported in target platform.
Operating System Compatibility Updated section.
FPGA Resource Information Updated section, including figure.
06/28/2019 Version 1.1
Alveo Product Details Updated the block diagram.
Qualified Servers Added servers.
Operating System Compatibility Updated operating systems.
Standard Compliance Details Added a note about altitude.
02/15/2019 Version 1.0
Initial release N/A