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Alveo U280 Data Center Accelerator Card Data Sheet (DS963)

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Table 1. Alveo U280 Accelerator Card Product Details
Specification 1 Active Cooling Version Passive Cooling Version
Product SKU A-U280-A32G-DEV-G 3 A-U280-P32G-PQ-G 3
Total electrical card load 2 215W 215W
Thermal cooling solution Active Passive
Weight 1187g 1130g
Form factor Full height, full length, dual width. Full height, ¾ length, dual width.
Network interface 2x QSFP28
PCIe Interface 4, 5 Gen3 x16, Gen4 x8, CCIX
HBM2 total capacity 8 GB
HBM2 total bandwidth 460 GB/s
Look-up tables (LUTs) 1,304K
Registers 2,607K
DSP slices 9,024
Block RAMs 2,016
UltraRAMs 960
DDR total capacity 32 GB
DDR maximum data rate 2400 MT/s
DDR total bandwidth 38 GB/s
  1. The specifications in this data sheet apply to production U280 cards. Any differences in U280 ES1 card specifications and capabilities are documented in the U280 ES1 Known Issues Answer Record 71975.
  2. The 215W PCIe CEM card can take 65W from the standard connector 12V supply and an additional 150W from the AUX connector 12V supply. The 3.3V supply from the standard connector is not used on this card. The CEM card requires that a 150W PCIe AUX power cable be connected to the card.
  3. Passive and active cooling cards are qualified for deployment. The active DEV part number includes a USB cable for development purposes. For volume ordering options on active cards without USB cable included, contact your local AMD sales representative.
  4. The PCIe interface can be configured to support a variety of link widths and speeds. The maximum is Gen3 (8 GT/s) x16, Gen4 (16 GT/s) x8, or CCIX operating at 16 GT/s x8. The PCIe interface can also be configured into dual x8 interfaces and connected to hosts that support PCIe bifurcation.
  5. This block operates in compatibility mode for 16.0 GT/s (Gen4) operation. Refer to UltraScale+ Devices Integrated Block for PCI Express LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG213) for details on compatibility mode.

The following figure shows the components within an Alveo U280 accelerator card.

Figure 1. U280 Block Diagram