Thermal Specifications

T2 Telco Accelerator Card Data Sheet (DS1000)

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Airflow Requirements

The T2 card supports airflow in either direction. The following table shows the thermal specification for T2 cards operating at sea level.

Table 1. Airflow Requirements
Specification Requirements
Typical inlet temperature ≤ 30°C
Typical inlet air speed ≥ 600 LFM uniform velocity
Minimum velocity air pressure 0.8 inAq
Airflow entering PCIe bracket area 104.6 mm x 13.2 mm
Airflow exiting PCIe bracket area 98.4 mm x 20.3 mm
Total thermal design power 55W
  1. The above operating conditions are based on preliminary data. The T2 card is targeted to operate in compliance with the NEBS-Gr63 environment specification and the ETS 300 019 specification with an inlet ambient from -5°C to 55°C. For more information, contact your Xilinx sales representative.
  2. Any environmental conditions are valid as long as the FPGA is running within its operating temperature envelope.