Creating and Adding Design Sources - 2022.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: System-Level Design Entry (UG895)

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2022.1 English

In the Vivado® IDE, you can create and manage design source files, including HDL or netlist files. With a project open in the Vivado® IDE, the Sources window displays the design sources, constraints, and simulation sources that are the collection of files, or filesets, making up the current project.

Figure 1. Sources Window

The Sources window provides different ways of viewing the source files associated with a project, including the following views:

Displays the hierarchy of the design modules and instances, along with the source files that contain them. The Vivado IDE automatically detects the top of the design hierarchy, though you can manually change it as needed.
IP Sources
Displays all of the files defined by an IP core, a block design added from the Vivado IP integrator, or a DSP module added from System Generator.
Displays design sources sorted into their various libraries.
Compile Order
Displays source files in the order in that they will be compiled, first to last, and shows the processing order for constraints. The Compile Order view can display the processing order used for synthesis, implementation, or simulation.
Tip: For information on the icons used in the Sources window, see Using the Sources Window in the Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Using the Vivado IDE (UG893).