System Interface Ports - 2.2 English

Ternary CAM Search LogiCORE IP Product Guide (PG318)

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2.2 English
Table 1. System Interface
Port Name I/O Clock Description
rstn I   Asynchronous reset (active_low). The reset input is synchronized internally to both the ram_clk and key_clk domains.
rst_busy O s_axi_aclk Reset Busy is an active high indicator that the core is currently in reset state.
ram_clk I   The ram clock is used for the internal RAM and match logic.
sbiterr O key_clk Single-bit error output status. A single-bit error has been detected and corrected by the ECC scrubbing mechanism.
dbiterr O key_clk Double-bit error output status. A double-bit error has been detected by the ECC scrubbing mechanism.
debug_status[31:0] O   Debug status port.