Vitis DPUCVDX8G TRD Flow - 1.1 English

DPUCVDX8G for Versal ACAPs Product Guide (PG389)

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1.1 English

The DPUCVDX8G targeted reference design (TRD) provides instructions on how to integrate the DPUCVDX8G on the Versal® ACAP platform to build and run deep neural network applications. The TRD uses the Vitis™ flow for building the hardware design and the PetaLinux flow for software design.

For the Vitis DPU TRD flow, refer to

This tutorial contains the following information:

  1. Setting up the VCK190 evaluation board.
  2. Building and running the TRD with VCK190 platform in XVDPU-TRD.