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DPUCVDX8H for Convolutional Neural Networks Product Guide (PG403)

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1.1 English

The DPU can be configured with predefined options, including the DPU processing engine number by different XO files. These options are used to meet performance and resources.

DPU Processing Engines

Different XO files can select two, four, six, or eight processing engines(PE). Multiple engines can achieve higher performance. Consequently, it consumes more programmable logic resources. IP provide different configuration with different resources for user to choose based on their performance and other requirements. use can choose where to implement depthwise (DWC) or MISC unit and they are listed in below table.
Table 1. DPU Configuration and Supported Feature
Arch No. of PE Support DWC MISC Unit Other Limitation
8pe_normal 8 No in PL pool kernel size = 4,5,6, and 8 is not support
6pe_dwc 6 Yes in PL NA
6pe_misc 6 No in AIE NA
4pe_miscdwc 4 Yes in AIE NA
2pe_miscdwc 2 Yes in AIE NA