Features - 1.4 English

High-Speed Transceiver Pin Multiplexing IP LogiCORE IP Product Brief (PB074)

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1.4 English
  • User data width from 32 to 8192 bits (excluding UltraFast mode):
    • UltraFast mode in 32-bit phy mode provides 32-bit user data width.
    • UltraFast mode in 64-bit phy mode provides 64-bit user data width.
  • Selectable number of lanes per quad from 1 to 16 (depending on quad topology).
  • Adjustable line rate (in Gb/s):
    • 0.5 Gb/s to 28 Gb/s (GTY -3 devices).
    • Reference clock options depending on selected line rates.
  • Selectable GT locations:
    • Overwritable locations with XDC constraints.
    • User configurable master lane, in case of multi lane mode.
  • Dynamic reconfiguration port (DRP) common:
    • Post implementation line rate change.
  • PCS/PMA loopback for characterization and design bringup.