GEM Controller Can Trigger Erroneous Amba_Error With Large Send Offload Configuration

Versal AI Core Series Production Errata (EN313)

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1.6 English

AMD Answer 75745

The GEM controller can erroneously trigger an amba_error interrupt event via bit 6 of the ISR register (also reflected in bit 4 of the Tx_Status register) when a large send offload (LSO) is included in the hardware configuration (via the IP_Config6[pbuf_lso] configuration option) and LSO functionality is enabled in the buffer descriptors.

Other than reporting this error incorrectly, there is no observed functional issue and the LSO feature can continue to be relied upon. This is classified as a minor hardware issue because the falsely reported event can easily be masked and ignored.

This is a third-party errata; this issue will not be fixed.