Versal AI Core Series Production Errata (EN313)

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1.6 English

These errata apply to one or more of the devices shown in the following table. Refer to the device column of Table 1 for specific device applicability for each errata item.​

Table 1. Devices Affected by These Errata
Product​ Family Device Device Attributes IDCODE[31:0]​ (hex) Package
Versal AI Core Series XCVC1502 All 04C9B093 All
XCVC1702 All 04C98093 All
XQVC1702 All 04C98093 All
XCVC1802 All 14CA9093 All
XCVC1902 All 14CA8093 All
XQVC1902 All 14CA8093 All
XQRVC1902 All 14CA8093 All
XCVC2602 All 14CD1093 All
XCVC2802 All 14CD0093 All