Alveo X3522 Data Sheet (DS1002)

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The AMD Alveo™ X3522 NICs bring low latency networking and compute acceleration to a single platform for use in a data center. As shown in the following figure, the Alveo X3522 NICs are offered in a single slot, half length, half height form factor. The card uses an XCUX35 FPGA (XCUX35-3VSVA1365E). The card is passively-cooled, and has two DSFP28 network connections and a PCI Express® Gen4 ×8 / Gen3 ×8 interface connected to the XCUX35. Each DSFP28 cage supports two ports via a shared PF, currently at 10 GbE. The card has a maximum electrical power limit of 70W.

Figure 1. Alveo X3522 NICs