000034326 - Design Advisory for Versal GTY/GTYP/GTM: Memory Read Corruption Through APB3 and NPI for Vivado 2022.1 (and prior versions)

Release Date
1.0 English

The transceivers affected by this issue are Versal Premium GTYP/GTM ES1, and Versal AI Core/Prime GTY. Versal Premium GTYP/GTM production devices are not affected by this issue.

Accessing the transceiver memory space during the read operation with APB3 or NPI interfaces is prone to data error. As a result, subsequent operations based on the incorrect data from the previous memory read operation could put the transceiver into an unknown state causing unexpected behavior.

If the design is using one of the following features, it is impacted by this transceiver memory read issue.

  1. Soft Error Mitigation (SEM) IP
    • Enabling NPI Register soft error mitigation in CIPS
    • This feature is disabled by Default
  2. Actively using the APB3 or NPI interface to read/write into GT memory cells
    • For example, reading COE status registers, reading/writing attributes (i.e., read modified write on attributes)
  3. Actively running IBERT and interacting with the transceiver during normal operation
    • For example, gathering eye scans, reading/writing attributes, checking link status and clock frequencies, etc.

Note: designs that use Rate Change will not be affected because it does not use APB3 or NPI interfaces to read/write into transceiver memory cells. Rate Change will only be affected if the design is actively using the features above.