Step 5: Saving Constraints - 2022.2 English

Vivado Design Suite Tutorial: Using Constraints (UG945)

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2022.2 English

Notice that the Save Constraints icon is enabled because there are new design constraints. The cell and design properties you modified in Lab #2 have been added to the Vivado tool in-memory design, but are not yet saved to the target constraint file.

  1. Click the Save Constraints button .

    The physical constraints you defined in Lab #2 are saved to the target constraint file.

  2. Select the target XDC (in this case, timing.xdc) from the active constraint set in the Sources window to open the file in the Vivado IDE text editor.
    Note: You might need to click the Reload link to update the file if it is already opened in the GUI.

    Notice that the seven set_property commands you used in Lab #2 are saved to the constraint file. Only design constraints are written to the XDC file, not the object queries or reporting commands that you also used in this lab.

  3. Look for the following constraints in the open constraint file:
    set_property BEL MMCME2_ADV [get_cells clkgen/mmcm_adv_inst]
    set_property LOC MMCME2_ADV_X1Y0 [get_cells clkgen/mmcm_adv_inst]
    set_property PROHIBIT true [get_bels IOB_X1Y34/PAD]
    set_property PROHIBIT true [get_sites AA8]
    set_property DOA_REG 1 [get_cells \
    set_property DOB_REG 1 [get_cells \
    set_property CONFIG_MODE M_SERIAL [current_design]
  4. Exit the Vivado IDE.