Compilation with a Project Flow - 2022.1 English

Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Using Tcl Scripting (UG894)

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2022.1 English

The following script illustrates a Project flow that synthesizes the design and performs a complete implementation, including bitstream generation. It is based on the CPU example design provided in the Vivado installation tree.

        # STEP#1: define the output directory area.
        set outputDir ./Tutorial_Created_Data/cpu_project
        file mkdir $outputDir
        create_project project_cpu_project ./Tutorial_Created_Data/cpu_project \
        -part xc7k70tfbg676-2 -force
        # STEP#2: setup design sources and constraints
        add_files -fileset sim_1 ./Sources/hdl/cpu_tb.v
        add_files [ glob ./Sources/hdl/bftLib/*.vhdl ]
        add_files ./Sources/hdl/bft.vhdl
        add_files [ glob ./Sources/hdl/*.v ]
        add_files [ glob ./Sources/hdl/mgt/*.v ]
        add_files [ glob ./Sources/hdl/or1200/*.v ]
        add_files [ glob ./Sources/hdl/usbf/*.v ]
        add_files [ glob ./Sources/hdl/wb_conmax/*.v ]
        add_files -fileset constrs_1 ./Sources/top_full.xdc
        set_property library bftLib [ get_files [ glob ./Sources/hdl/bftLib/*.vhdl ]]
        # Physically import the files under project_cpu.srcs/sources_1/imports directory
        import_files -force -norecurse
        # Physically import bft_full.xdc under project_cpu.srcs/constrs_1/imports directory
        import_files -fileset constrs_1 -force -norecurse ./Sources/top_full.xdc
        # Update compile order for the fileset 'sources_1'
        set_property top top [current_fileset]
        update_compile_order -fileset sources_1
        update_compile_order -fileset sim_1
        # STEP#3: run synthesis and the default utilization report.
        launch_runs synth_1
        wait_on_run synth_1
        # STEP#4: run logic optimization, placement, physical logic optimization, route and
        # bitstream generation. Generates design checkpoints, utilization and timing
        # reports, plus custom reports.
        set_property STEPS.PHYS_OPT_DESIGN.IS_ENABLED true [get_runs impl_1]
        set_property STEPS.OPT_DESIGN.TCL.PRE [pwd]/pre_opt_design.tcl [get_runs impl_1]
        set_property STEPS.OPT_DESIGN.TCL.POST [pwd]/post_opt_design.tcl [get_runs impl_1]
        set_property STEPS.PLACE_DESIGN.TCL.POST [pwd]/post_place_design.tcl [get_runs impl_1]
        set_property STEPS.PHYS_OPT_DESIGN.TCL.POST [pwd]/post_phys_opt_design.tcl [get_runs impl_1]
        set_property STEPS.ROUTE_DESIGN.TCL.POST [pwd]/post_route_design.tcl [get_runs impl_1]
        launch_runs impl_1 -to_step write_bitstream
        wait_on_run impl_1
        puts "Implementation done!"