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Vivado Design Suite User Guide: Release Notes, Installation, and Licensing

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2021.2 English

There are three user types for the Product Licensing Site: customer account administrator, end user, and no-charge user.

Customer Account Administrator

An example of a typical customer account administrator is a CAD tools manager. Every product licensing account must have at least one customer account administrator. A customer account administrator can manage more than one product licensing account.

The responsibilities as the customer account administrator include:

  • Generating node-locked or floating licenses for Xilinx design tools and IP products.
  • Adding and removing users from the product licensing account.
  • Assigning administrative privileges to other users.

The original customer account administrator is the Ship To contact identified during the product ordering process. That person receives an email with instructions on how to download and license each purchased product. The customer account administrator must follow the link in the email, to ensure access to the purchased products.

End User

Adding end users to a product licensing account allows an engineer or design team member the flexibility to manage and generate license keys on their own. The end user can generate license keys for node-locked products entitlements within the account as well as evaluation and “no charge” license keys for design tools and IP products. A customer account administrator can also configure the end user account to allow an end user to generate floating licenses. An end user cannot:

  • View or generate floating license keys by default. This privilege can be assigned to them by the customer account administrator.
  • View the license keys generated by other users.
  • Add or remove other users to or from the product licensing account.


No-Charge users can:

  • Generate a 30-day free evaluation license key that enables Vivado ML Enterprise Edition.
  • Generate a 30-day free evaluation license that enables Vitis™ HLS.
  • Generate license keys for evaluation and no charge IP products.

All user types can download products electronically.

Note: A customer who is already licensed for a full version of a Xilinx Design Tools product edition can evaluate other Xilinx Design Tools product editions or IP. These product entitlements are made available in the same product licensing account.