GTY Transceiver Breakout Use Case

Diamond Jog BGA Breakout Geometries (WP538)

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The following example shows a typical GTY transceiver breakout of a small form-factor plugable (SFP) data bus on a Virtex® UltraScale+™ device (VU23P). In the image, the RX signals are routed on layer 3 (dark pink) and the TX signals are routed on layer 5 (light pink).

Figure 1. GTY Transceiver Breakout

The following image shows the opposite end of the differential pair trace terminating at an SFP SMT connector. The ideal entry for a non-via in pad is marked by the orange arrow. The yellow arrows show a sub-optimal entry.

Figure 2. Differential Pair Trace Terminating at an SFP SMT Connector