New Features and Changes - 2024.1 English

Xilinx Runtime (XRT) Release Notes (UG1451)

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2024.1 English

This version of Xilinx® Runtime includes the following new features and changed behavior.

AI Engine Support
  • Added AI Engine profiling start and stop API: xrt::aie::profiling.
  • Added support for loading and controlling AI Engine graph with independent partitions: xrt::graph
AMD Alveo™ Platform Support
The following Alveo platforms are not supported for the 2024.1 version of the AMD Vitis™ unified software platform, so XRT support has been removed as a result.
  • xilinx_u50lv_gen3x4_xdma_2_202010_1
  • xilinx_u55n_gen3x4_xdma_2_202110_1
  • xilinx_u280_gen3x16_xdma_1_202211_1
XRT API Changes
xbmgmt examine -d <bdf>
Produces a different output (changed default report) in 2024.1 compared to previous versions of the tools.
xbutil validate
Instead of device index, now uses BDF.
The minimum requirement of GCC for building XRT on Linux is updated to gcc-9.
Note: For detailed information about XRT API changes and experimental features, refer to the changelog.