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Alveo U200 and U250 Data Center Accelerator Cards Data Sheet (DS962)

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The Alveo U200/U250 accelerator cards host two 100G interfaces, each comprised of a 4-lane QSFP28 connector. The QSFP case temperature must be less than 85°C for class 3 optical modules (< 2.5W), and less than 70°C for class 4 optical modules (< 3.5W). The user needs to provide sufficient airflow and ambient temperature to ensure the optical module remains within the manufacturer's specification.

Each connector is housed within a single QSFP cage assembly, located on the I/O bracket. The QSFP port number and location are shown in the following figure.

Figure 1. QSFP Port Location

The following table provides the mapping of the I/O bracket QSFP port name to the QSFP FPGA GT Quad. In addition, for those using the AMD Vitis™ flow, it provides the GT index allocated in the Vitis software platform.

Table 1. QSFP Port to Quad and Index Mapping
QSFP Port QSFP FPGA GT Quad QSFP GT Index (Vitis Platform)
QSFP 1 QUAD_X1Y12 (U200)

QUAD_X1Y11 (U250)

QSFP 2 QUAD_X1Y11 (U200)

QUAD_X1Y10 (U250)